Why is the glovebox losing pressure?

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Checking for Leaks in the Glovebox

There are multiple places that can cause a leak within the glovebox system.


  • When testing the glovebox system make sure that the levers on the inlet and outlet valves are sealed off. To do this the valve handle should be perpendicular to the inlet or outlet pipe.
  • It may be possible to isolate the location of the leak by sealing off all valves including the glovebox pass-through valve on the back right. If the pass-through valve is sealed off then the pressure reading should only come from inside of the glovebox. If the leak is no longer present when the pass-through is sealed off then the leak originates from the pass-through box on the right.
  • Check the gloves to see if there are any rips present and check the glove o-ring to make sure it is securely on the gloves.
  • Check the gaskets of the pass through and see if there is a good resistance when closing the door.
  • Check the window for large hairline cracks. These most typically appear at the connecting joint on the pass through box.
  • Check to make sure there are no loose nuts.

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Reference: Common Pressure Leak Errors

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