Why is my Ahura FirstDefender taking a long time to complete a scan?

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Why is my FirstDefender taking so long to complete a scan.

There are several factors that affect the length of the Ahura FirstDefender scan.

  1. If you are performing a regular scan, ensure the unit is in Auto mode and not in Library Mode.
  2. If you are conducting a point-and-shoot scan, make sure the vial compartment is empty.
  3. If the substance has a weak molecular signal, is emitting fluorescence, or is present at very low concentrations; the unit will need several minutes to analyze.
  4. To determine the relative strength of the molecular signal and fluorescence, press the down arrow during the scan. A screen will appear showing the molecular signal strength and fluorescence.
  5. If you are scanning a powder on a hard surface, a solid material, or a droplet of liquid; use the signal meter to help determine the best spot to point the instrument.

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