While running the HAPSITE Smart, the concentrator broke. What should I do?

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Broken HAPSITE Concentrator

A concentrator can break in two distinct ways. One is a visible break which can be seen through inspection of the concentrator. If a break is visible the following steps should be taken:

  1. Remove and discard the broken concentrator tube.
  2. Obtain safety glasses and canned air (micro-duster).
  3. With your glasses on, position the tube at the end of the micro-duster so that it is directed straight down into the lower sample loop port.
  4. Release the micro-duster by pulling the trigger in short bursts to remove any broken pieces of glass that may be present in the housing.
  5. Install a new concentrator and continue with analysis.

The second possibility is that the concentrator has a hairline fracture in the glass tube. This fracture is often invisible to the naked eye. The best way to isolate this deficiency is to try to complete the concentrator method with a new concentrator installed.

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