The HazMatID will not power on or is intermittently losing power what should I do?

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Troubleshooting Power Issues

Ensure you have a good power supply by verifying a green light on the power block when it is plugged into an outlet. Try moving the power cord and to observe if there is a break in the line or a bad connection; watch as you move the cord to see if the instrument powers down. If the instrument powers on and off as you move the cord, the power cord is bad. If the green light is not lit when it is plugged in, the power cord is bad.

If the power cord appears to be good, attempt to power the instrument up on the battery. If the instrument powers up on the battery but not on shore power, check the fuse. Upgraded instruments with the blue 24-volt power cord will have a tan 5 amp fuse. All other instruments with the yellow 13.6-volt power cord will have a purple, 3 amp fuse. Change this fuse.

If the instrument is not properly powering up on battery power, ensure the batteries being used are good batteries. If there is any question that the batteries may not be good, acquire a new battery. A green light on the battery charger does not indicate the battery is good, just that it is charged to its full capacity. Batteries can be recalibrated by placing the battery in the left side of the battery charger and pressing the recalibrate button. The battery must then be allowed to fully recharge itself.

If the power problems persist despite the power cord, fuse and battery checks, a battery board located beneath the instrument seal may need to be replaced. If this is suspected, call technical support for further guidance.

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