The HazMatID is frozen at the login screen, what should I do?

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Troubleshooting a Frozen Log-in Screen

Determine if the instrument is actually frozen or just moving extremely slow by observing the screen to see if the pointer is an arrow or an ‘I bar’? If the pointer is an arrow, this is an indication that the instrument may just be moving slowly. Attempt to shutdown the software. If successful in shutting down the software, access the desktop and remove the data files from the HazMatID. Refer to the “How Can I Get Data Files off of the HazMatID” FAQ to accomplish this.

If you are unable to exit the software, perform a hard shutdown of the HazMatID and then power the instrument back up, allowing the software to fully boot up before pressing any buttons. Once the instrument has reached the login screen, select [Shutdown] only once. If the instrument is allowing you to exit the software, then remove the data files from the instrument.

If the instrument is frozen with an ‘I bar’, it may be an indication of an issue with the laser or that the touch screen might be inoperable. To diagnosis the issue, first, power down the instrument. Next, attach the mouse and keyboard to the HazMatID. After ensuring correct installation of the mouse and keyboard, power it on. When the instrument reaches the login screen, check to see if it can be controlled by the mouse and keyboard. If the instrument is functioning, the issue is an inoperable touch screen. The user will need to contact technical support to resolve the issue but can complete their mission using the mouse and keyboard. If the instrument does not function with the mouse and keyboard, the issue is with the laser and the operator should contact technical support.

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