The Concentrator Guide

Applies to: Chromatography Smart (GC/MS), Chromatography Smart Plus (GC/MS), Chromatography Gen II (GC/MS), Chromatography Hapsite ER (GC/MS)
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The Concentrator

This document will cover the purpose and uses of the concentrator as it applies to the HAPSITEĀ® GC/MS. It is intended to be a guide for how to use the concentrator(s), as well as how to ensure that the data collected when utilizing a concentrator is valid.

What is a concentrator?

The concentrator is a sample collection device which allows an operator to obtain a larger volume of sample than the traditional sample loop. The concentrator is a glass tube with a heater coil attached to it. The tube is then packed with different types of sorbent, and capped at both ends with inert glass wool.

The attached guide contains information on the types, use, and installation of concentrators for the Hapsite system.

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