The auto-sampler does not go to the correct vial when sampling with the Shimadzu QP 2010+. What do I do?

Applies to: Chromatography QP2010 GCMS (GC/MS) | Tickets Solved: 0 | Rank: 18

Improper Auto-Sampler Function

  1. This error can occur for multiple reasons. The Single Step Injection method file for the Shimdazu may be corrupt. The corrupted file must be removed and a new copy of the file must be installed. If re-installing the method does not correct the issue, a complete re-installation of the software must be performed.
  2. A change in batch file from the original creation can also cause this issue. The most common cause is a line deleted from the dilution series. If a line is deleted, the user must save a new batch file before the next injection.

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