I am receiving an Electron Multiplier Error on the HAPSITE Smart Plus, is there anything I can do in the field?

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Electron Multiplier Error

The Electron Multiplier (EM) collects the signal from the ionized sample. It is comprised of two parts:

  1. The Channel: where high voltage (500-2400 volts) is applied. The high voltage is negatively charged thus attracting the positively charged ions.
  2. The Horn: where the signal is gathered from the channel and transmitted to the pre amp board.

A functional EM can be determined by checking the noise versus the EM voltage. The operational range for an EM is 800-2400 volts. As the EM volts increase so should the noise (threshold and baseline). Thus, if the EM voltage is 2400 and the noise is less than 400 the EM should be replaced. If the EM is 2400 and the noise is 1000, then not enough sample is being sent and the ionizer needs to be replaced.

If an instrument has a high EM voltage and low noise value please contact Technical Support. Alternatively, the instrument may display an error stating, “Electron Multiplier Error”. This error can be the result of several items:

  1. A consumed EM
  2. A deficient or damaged RF board
  3. A deficient or damaged Electrometer.

If an operator receives this error they should contact technical support for further assistance.

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