How do I save a file from the computer or HAPSITE Smart for review by another computer?

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HAPSITE: Transferring Data Files to a Computer

Data files can be transferred from the HAPSITE® to a different computer very easily. If a data file is open on the HAPSITE®, a floppy disk can be inserted into front panel and saved from the front of the HAPSITE®. The instrument will save the file to the disk and the disk can be taken to any computer with the correct software. If the file is open on the laptop computer the data can be saved by selecting [Save As] and then choosing the desired location for the file.

Files can also be transferred on the computer by using the file manager icon in the SmartIQ Software. Using this icon, files can be found on the HAPSITE® and then transferred to a data stick or cd by pressing copy. The files will then be ready for view on another laptop.

If there are any further questions call technical support.

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