How do I ensure the proper orientation of my Headspace Needle?

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When changing a Headspace Needle take care not to reverse the flow of N2 in the HSS. If your instrument has stickers indicating the N and S positions (Nitrogen and Sample), use a fine point sharpie to indicate these positions. This will help identify the positions in the event of the stickers mobilizing. If you have no indicators of orientation or it appears your stickers have mobilized, you can pull the PEEK Union out of the Headspace and observe two carrier lines.The GREEN line will indicate for the correct position for the skinny portion (Nitrogen) of the Needle. The BROWN line is the indicator for the correct position of the fatter portion (Sample) of the Needle. Reversing the Needle orientation will cause severe malfunctions in your overall GC/MS system. For more questions regarding this issue call technical support.

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