How do I determine the best position to perform a point-and-scan analysis on the FirstDefender?

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Best Position for Point-and-Scan Analysis

Use the Signal Meter on the FirstDefender to help you align the sample:

  1. Select Scan in the main menu and press the Enter Key. The Go screen will appear.
  2. Press the down arrow until Signal Meter is highlighted; press the right arrow until On appears.
  3. Press the Scan key to start the scan in the normal manner.

When the scan starts, the screen will show the Signal Strength Meter. Several seconds after the scan starts, bars illuminate to display the strength of the signal. If only a few bars are illuminated, adjust the position of the unit relative to the sample and wait 2 seconds. If this improves the sample position, more bars will illuminate, indicating a higher signal strength. When the unit receives a strong signal, it will automatically begin a scan. The user can start a scan manually at anytime by pressing the Enter key.

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