My HAPSITE Smart will not run due to the following error message: “MS Pressure High” or “Ion Pump Failure”. What can I do?

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HAPSITE Error: MS Pressure High or Ion Pump Failure

This error is an indicator of a problem with either the NEG Pump or the Ion Pump. First, determine the source of the error. Open the last several tune reports and check the MS pressure on each. If the pressure was increasing from tune to tune then it is likely that the error resulted from the NEG Pump. Alternatively, attach the instrument to the service module and run a sample loop using the service module as the vacuum source. If the sample loop method is successful then the problem most likely is with the NEG pump.

Check the NEG pump hours under the service module tab. If the NEG has fewer than 80 hours a NEG bakeout followed by reactivation should be attempted. If the NEG pump has over 80 hours, it may need to be replaced. Call technical support before baking out or replacing the NEG pump.

If the MS pressure has not been increasing, or if the HAPSITE® will not attach to or run a successful sample loop on the service module then the problem is most likely ion pump related. Please call technical support before proceeding further.

For further questions or troubleshooting please contact technical support.

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