What should be the average range of my air peak in the HAPSITE Smart?

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HAPSITE: Average Range of Air Peak

The air peak, sometimes called the CO2 peak, is the first large peak present in all GC runs on the HAPSITE. This peak will be present near the 1:30 mark and typically have a TIC (Total Ion Chromatogram) between 1 and 3 million. The TIC will vary greatly between instruments and operators. TIC counts below 1 million indicate a completely operational instrument provided that IS peaks are present. TIC counts greater than 3 million indicate a possible leak.

A leak check is required to verify there is no excessive loss of nitrogen (See: “ I Have a Nitrogen leak, what should I do ”?). If a leak is present, the operator should contact technical support for assistance in correcting the leak. If no leak is found, the operator should conduct a PMCS to verify the instrument passes QC. If the instrument passes QC, the reason for the higher TIC count may a result of higher sensitivity to ions in the mass spectrometer.

For more questions regarding this issue please contact technical support.

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