Exporting a Tune Report

Applies to: Chromatography Smart (GC/MS), Chromatography Smart Plus (GC/MS)
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Exporting a Tune Report

Exporting a tune file to text is done so that it can be sent to technical support to aid in troubleshooting. To export a tune report to text, use the following steps:

  1. From the main Smart or Plus IQ software window select [File].
  2. Select [View Tune Reports].
  3. Select [Default.tun] and then [OK].
  4. Select the desired tune from tunes listed by date.
  5. Select [Export to Text File].
  6. Save the text file.
  7. Send the file to technical support or attach to PMCS.

Refer to the attached document for a step by step guide containing pictures.

For more questions regarding this issue please contact Technical Support.


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