Communication between the HAPSITE Smart and the computer is sporadic, what should I do?

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HAPSITE Communication Issues

If the HAPSITE® and computer are having problems maintaining consistent communication you may not be able to access data or the tune report on the computer. In addition the tune icon may be missing or grayed out. Faulty or inconsistent communication is also indicated by a blue X over the HAPSITE® icon.

Check to make sure the access level, found in Smart IQ under the tools menu, is set to Advanced. Next, verify that this computer’s IP address settings are correct.

To navigate to the Computer IP settings go to Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center. From there click the Connection listed below the "Connect or disconnect" area. This open up the Wireless Network Connection Status window. From there click Properties then select Internet Protocol Version 4. This is where the necessary IP can be changed.

The IP address on the computer should differ from that of the HAPSITE® in that the third set of number should have 128 added to it. For example: if the HAPSITE® IP address is then the IP address for the computer should be Lastly, the computer will need to be rebooted. A reboot is vital to ensure complete communication.

For further questions or troubleshooting please contact technical support.

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